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Marine: UK Holland HD - Navionics 


Item: Marine: UK Holland HD - Navionics


Price £26.49
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Title Marine: UK Holland HD - Navionics
Summary The top-selling marine and lake apps in the world – now in HD!

*****“The coolest app a boater can buy!” - National Marine Manufacturer’s Association
*****“Easy to use, intuitive… I can say it’s incredible!” - Sailing World
*****“The word at your fingertips”- Nautica Magazine

Enjoy the clearest and most detailed marine and lake charts on your iPad! Apps now optimized in HD – with sensational hi-resolution graphics for the ultimate user experience! Imagine planning your day on the water or showing your friends tracks of your last cruise on the iPad’s dynamic multitouch glossy display, comfortably sitting in your living room… or anytime, anywhere!

The top-selling marine or lake app in the world has everything you need:
>Award-winning Marine charts
>The world’s richest collection of boating and fishing related points-of-interest (POIs)
>Chart view with satellite overlay
>Tides & Currents
>Route planning
>Waypoints & markers
>In-app link to Facebook
>Our app keeps getting better!

* iPad - Wi-Fi model locates your GPS position if Wi-Fi connected.
* iPad - Wi-Fi+3G model operates similar to iPhone with regard to
GPS capability but no phone or camera

For 25 years, Navionics has built its reputation of producing the best marine charts and lake maps in the business – and we have the awards to prove it.
Learn more about Navionics Mobile at www.navionics.com and join us on Facebook and Twitter.
Don’t forget to check out our Ski App!
We start where the road ends
Category Navigation
Publisher Navionics
Release Date 14 May 2010
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Recent comments in The Top 100 iPad Apps

Has anyone played this... worth getting??
Spiny Norman 07:42:01 | 13 Oct 2011
Enjoy the tennis! ;-)
DJ 10:53:39 | 26 May 2011
The click-through iTunes link should now be fixed!
Dennis 10:53:06 | 26 May 2011
Try this link:


copy and paste it into your broswer address bar
Dennis 09:37:04 | 26 May 2011
Great.....that has to come from an Eseex person!
Sparkly Aph 09:45:50 | 8 May 2011
Can't be bad for £2.99 ! Probably a bit more forgiving than a real golf course
Sparkly Aph 09:43:57 | 8 May 2011
Ooh, that sounds like fun....I know someone who would like that as a birthday present!
Sparkly Aph 09:41:52 | 8 May 2011
Good price for a fun game! >B^p
Spiny Norman 20:42:42 | 7 May 2011
This almost makes it worth buying an iPad for...!! >B^p
Spiny Norman 18:04:39 | 7 May 2011
Sounds like fun!
Sparkly Aph 08:23:48 | 2 Feb 2011
Very handy indeed!
Spiny Norman 08:02:16 | 2 Nov 2010
Great name for a game!
Jo Pearce 10:57:38 | 21 Oct 2010
Oooh if you get one, can I have a go?! >8^,
Spiny Norman 10:06:21 | 15 Sep 2010
I think there may be someone else around here interested in this one!!!
Dennis 14:17:24 | 14 Sep 2010
Think little Spiny, think! Santa? Birthday fairy?
Gladys 10:28:48 | 14 Sep 2010
The app may be £1.19 but I'm sure the 'pad' may cost a little more! >8^,
Spiny Norman 10:25:36 | 14 Sep 2010
You would need a VERY big fish tank and Koi are VERY expensive whereas the app is only £1.19!!!!
Gladys 10:05:05 | 14 Sep 2010
You've now made me want to own an iPad, just so I can buy this completely unproductive app... (it'd probably be cheaper to buy a fish tank!) >:^p
Spiny Norman 09:01:05 | 14 Sep 2010